Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010...and beyond

"When we tug at a single thing in nature,
we find it attached to the rest of the world."
- John Muir
As are many, I am often reminded of the fragility of life and how dramatically what we sometimes take for granted can change in an instant of time or over the sum of seemingly fleeting moments. Further, John Muir's words speak simply, yet dramatically, of how necessarily inter-dependent life is on earth. Multiply these things a billion billion times and we glimpse something of the vulnerability of the web of life, both seen and unseen, on this island planet as it moves quietly, and with infinite beauty and grace, through space.

I am reminded, just as often, of the mighty strength that finds its source in love, in meaning-filled relationships, in the willingness to be thankful, in respect for creation, and in believing in something greater than ourselves, even if that belief is only in the power of collective goodwill. Multiply that a billion billion times, and we glimpse the very essence of hope for the future.

This Earth Day, or in fact, every day, is a good day to step up all of our efforts to take better care of one another, and of the planet we share.

May peace be with you.


Image above: A very special place where sea, sky, mountains, and islands meet, rather like home.


  1. Checked out the cabin on Earth Day...a perfect place to experience living with the earth instead of on it. Gabriola is a lovely island and you have a great spot there.

  2. Hey Jill, thanks for dropping by and glad you enjoyed your time on the island. I like your thought of living "with" the would make all the difference. D.

  3. I try to live with the earth everyday, by growing things minus the sprays, pesticides and pollutants which harm the soil which in turn harms the earth and the human body.

    Your analogy is a good one, but not for everyone. Ha! Ha!

    Hope you had a good day off.


  4. Hi J. You are well known for the beautiful plants, flowers, veggies, and fruits that you grow and share so generously with us all. Through your caring hands, the earth's natural beauty blossoms! And for that, we are thankful. Thanks also for dropping by and for your comments. The day has been a good one for us.

  5. Great quote. Coffee Friday? 830?