Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A pensive moment...

Well, after a small "flurry" of initial posts, life got a little busy and I'm hoping that any curious readers that may be out there haven't given up. "Busy" - that's life and that's OK -except that some pleasureable tasks such as making regular submissions to a personal blog sometimes get nudged back to the "back burner". An odd phrase that, in the very little food preparation I seem to do, I usually choose to use the back burners on the stove first. Just seems like the right order in which to use the available elements. Hmm...

Speaking of "elements", Vancouver Island and our neighbouring Gulf Islands, continue to amaze after some five and a half years of living out here. Perhaps it's the proximity of ocean, mountains, forest, and fertile valley...and most certainly the ancient trees so close to home. They remind us of the relative briefness of our human life span. So much to experience, so much to reflect on and write about and so much for which to be thankful in a world where so many struggle for the most basic of elements necessary for life itself - food, clean water, and adequate shelter. Two years ago, we welcomed our son home from a difficult and dangerous assignment on the other side of the world - a place where there is no ocean or forest and where the mountains, rather than inspire, call those in the lonely and isolated forward operating bases to anticipate hidden threats. It's a complex world - I confess that sometimes I just launch my kayak in order to lose myself in the beauty of the pristine ocean environment just down the hill from where we live. I have found that in so doing, I find strength to believe in and work for a better world. It always justifies the launch.

The photo is in thankful memory of our "Jenny" who five years ago today left us with warm and rich memories...for which we three will always be thankful.

Back soon.


  1. Ah Jenny...a special memory for you all ....she was a special lady. I wish I could have gotten to know her better.

  2. She would have enjoyed you too. Thank you.