Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Attitude...it's the way you look at life!

In the midst of Vancouver Island's biggest snowfall in years, you might as well adopt a positive attitude...and enjoy it! Having a long driveway helps too!

Gee, the rules say I'm not allowed to use my "marine" VHF radio here? Hey Andy, this has got to be great practice for our circumnavigation - especially if it gets cold out there!

Having a positive attitude, especially in the aftermath of life's "storms" is definitely more fun (and productive) than the alternative! It's like our palm tree - it "smiles" even though it's up to its fronds in snow! Yeah, "slide on"!
Additional note on January 31: For some really exciting "paddling on the snow" check our Damon Gold's video at http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=3flztm1fF6s. Crazy - really crazy!


  1. Now that's enthusiasm! All dressed up and no place to go -- on the water anyway. I hope you still have your snow shovel. But thankfully we have Subarus -- can't get those things stuck, you know.

  2. Ahh, but we did have some good adventures in the Jeeps!

  3. It certainly great to see you having fun but I honestly find it hard to believe that you would put your little boat in the snow like that. Maybe I should stop by and have a go at it!!

  4. "Little boat"??!! There's only one person I know who calls it a "little boat"! It's an authentic HPSPMC (High Performance Self Propelled Marine Craft)- based on a traditional design. I should copyright that acronym! Sure, drop by while we still have snow. Gotta confess though, it's Joan's boat. Didn't want to get mine to catch a "cold".!