Saturday, February 07, 2009

"Night paddling"...a free verse interlude

"Star Gazing"
I paddle...gazing at the stars
through the atmosphere and into deep space
and on - and beyond on.
Overwhelmed, humbled, comforted,
excited, filled with questions, but resisting answers.

All these things stir the soul
reminding me of my place.
Small, so very small,
not, perhaps, noted by the universe
yet very real on the plane of existence
and the tangible origin of at least my own cosmic perspective.

Yet in eyes of the Creator of all that is,
the smallest life, born of stardust and dreams,
is noted
and loved
and nurtured...
and for that I am thankful.



  1. Awesome! I will await your first book.

  2. Aww, thanks, you're too kind.

  3. I had to read that verse over and over because it helped me appreciate that the tiniest things have their place. In the whole scheme of things being a speck linked to other specks is important. Guess united specks have strength so the old adage "the lone arrow can be easily broken. The bundled arrows are unbreakable." Guess we all must do little things to make Earth a better place. Don't know where I'm going with my thoughts but thanks for sharing your talents. Your free verse is terrific.