Thursday, June 04, 2009

Two ships, that at first glance...

Two "ships", that at first glance couldn't be more different.

Yet...both have in common a hull, and a deck, a bow and a stern, a port side and a starboard side, a rudder and a keel line, a compass and a chart, rigging, hatches and bulkheads, stowed gear and supplies of food and water for their "crew". Both are subject to the wind and the waves and the tides and the currents. Both produce wakes and leave eddies and sparking bio luminescence in the star-lit waters they have touched. Both enjoy a renewable and sustainable source of propulsion and leave no trace on the fragile marine environment. Both promise adventure...and invite inherent risk. Both are at their best when beyond the harbour and seeking a distant "horizon". So different...yet sharing so much in common.

Perhaps a metaphor for all people everywhere? Our differences give us character, individuality, and's what we have in common, it's what we share, however, that could create for us "community" in this world, if only we would have "eyes" to see.

Two "ships" different, yet with so much in common!


Image: The gaff-rigged schooner Pacific Grace and the sea kayak oceanpeace - sharing a quiet harbour during circumnavigation.


  1. Your photo brings back memories of the five days I spent on the Pacific Swift with Paul and his grade 8 class.

  2. Thank you for your comment, John. I can well imagine it would be a wonderful 5 days aboard ship. I have a feeling the young "crew" works very hard! I wish I thought of doing that with Jeff back then. By the way, your photo images are simply superb!

  3. One granddaughter, about 8 years old at the time, in response to my question, "What are you doing?" answered with, "Nothing." She's had a busy day up to that point and was taking time to rest. I liked what I learned from her and know that your message is a good one for me. Cheers and thanks.