Sunday, January 24, 2010

Open hearts...

Hearts have opened all around our world in response to the earthquake in Haiti. I know that my usual musings in this space pale in comparison to the simple eloquence of this message of care, concern, and compassion pictured above. Here in Toronto, two young teens and their mum stood on a chilly, windy, street corner this morning. They shared not only the warmth of a steaming cup of hot chocolate, but even more important, their open hearts.

May their example be a heartfelt inspiration to all who pass by.


PS On the subject of love...happy birthday son! M and D.


  1. It is awesome seeing the world come together. Fran had some good photos today as part of her message and in Thailand there were elephants carrying baskets collecting for Haiti.
    Too bad it takes disaster for us
    to become a world family,
    BUT someday we will get there.

  2. People are stepping up, we're a "family" after all! Jon.