Tuesday, January 19, 2010

There's a river running through it!

A river in the forest, that is - and it wasn't there yesterday! We get a lot of rain in the winter which, of course, is probably why this Island is so green at this time of the year. It also kicks up the run a notch or two - certainly in terms of inherent enjoyment and the surprises that may await around the next turn. One day you've got great trails through the forest and up and down the mountain. The next day, you've got a route that feels more like a pretty authentic "MovNat" course! Erwan Le Corre and Barefoot Ted might even give it their nod of approval! MovNat is all about running, walking, balancing, jumping, throwing, even getting down on all fours. It's about "natural" movement - remember when we were all children. Yup, that's it.

So, when a "river" formed last night, it cut off the usual trail. Ahh, instant grand epic adventure:
bushwacking, crawling under and over fallen trees, hopping over streams, mud and dirt, a scratched knee - it really doesn't get much better! Of course, the cautious "adult" inside your head says, "we should really come back when it dries up." The "child" counters with, "dude, this is gonna be fun!" My advice, go with the child. If we're attentive, it's a voice that is determined to stay with us, no matter how many times we've circled the sun. Hearing and paying attention to that little voice brings a tonic to the mind, the body, and the spirit. It provides a little respite from life's "dis"stresses that can wear away at we grown-ups.

Listening to the child inside does a person good, inside and out! Caution: you may appear somewhat "juvenile" to some who may feel compelled to  "act their age". From my perpective, all the more fun! :-)


Image from today's trail run on Mt. Tzouhalem. (Yes, for those with sharp eyes, those are regular running shoes - too muddy for the Vibram Five Fingers. And yes, I am trying to practice what I preach with regards to minimalist running! And yes, it is as much fun as paddling!)


  1. Looks like you had an awesome day! No one would ever believe that this was the middle of January.
    As you know I always listen to my inner child...sometimes it gets me in trouble though. LOL

  2. Regular running shoes and shorts in January! What a fabulous picture you paint for this time of year. I guess I am too cautious minded to listen to my inner child.
    Glad you did or else we would not have that picture.

  3. Hey L and J, thanks for comments. Yeah, the inner child just wants to have fun - any trouble we get into is usually worth it! :o)