Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Catch a "ray" and you're sittin' on top of the world!

Actually, I think the Beach Boys' song was, "Catch a wave" but same idea. When you catch a ray of sunshine during the overcast days of March, it just feels darn good. Out here amidst the southern Gulf Islands of the west coast of Canada we've got blossoms and flowers, you could even say, "blossoms and flowers r us" 'cause we've had 'em for a couple of months now! But we've also had some cloud cover at this time of the year. OK, so we get a lot of cloud cover even though the tourist brochures describe our area as being in the "rain shadow" of the Olympic Mountains. Well, despite the "orographic lifting" of air up the Washington mountains and the subsequent dropping of a bunch of the moisture on their windward side, we in the leeward side still get ample rain. Yup, lots of rain in the "rain shadow".

This being the case, it's particularly nice when, despite the rain and frequent wind warnings, you find a "window" of opportunity and get out on the water...and the sun breaks through! As they say around Easter time, "Alleluia!" And the sun was out long enough for Joan to get this pic. So there you go, proof positive that the sun shines in paradise (wet and windy Vancouver Island) in March!

Of course, what we need to remember is that above the layers of daytime overcast, the skies are always blue! As for you folks in southern Ontario and the forecast for sunshine AND plus 25 degrees Celcius...wussup with that?!


PS Coming soon - an update on trail running in the Vibram Fivefingers (VFFs) - and I don't care if you laugh! They are awesome in creeks and in the mud! :-)


  1. Looking forward to hearing your comments on the VFFs. Patience for "gradual progress" seems to be the key.

    Jarv (not patient!)

  2. Nothing wrong with a little rain! I'd choose early spring flowers and rain over cold and snow any day. And as you said there is always blue sky above.

  3. Hi Jarv and L,

    Thanks for stopping by. Looks like the current "April showers" are on serious multi-vitamins right now! D.