Saturday, May 22, 2010

The deck that Gord built...

I took this image from "the deck that Gord built". It is a rainbow over the Salish Sea, most commonly known as the Strait of Georgia. We're not much for sitting on decks but we deeply cherish this lookout over God's creation. We are here, before a launch, organizing equipment and anticipating with great excitement, the sea kayaking adventure to come. On this deck, we relax tight muscles after a trail run, allowing the view, as much as the exercises, to restore balance and energy. At night, we marvel at the stars and the depth of unimaginable infinity beyond. On this deck, it never rains during the west coast winter. Well, I suppose it does, but you don't notice.

Gord did far more than build a deck. He restored dignity and grace to an old, worn-out, and weary Island cabin - and he did it out of a love for his craft. We never felt we paid him enough for what he did. We felt a connection to Gord and Sharon from the moment we first met them. He was a seasoned educator and administrator and she a gutsy OR nurse, offshore sailors with a spirit that was more than immensely adventurous, skilled craftsfolk, whose warmth, hospitality, and gusto for life was simply contagious. They drew you in...and you were all the richer for it.

Gord died last night...but he touched the world in a very special way. He made it a better place. His teaching style was to model what was important in the way he lived. It takes courage to sail across the vast and lonely oceans as he and Sharon did together. It takes courage to fight the battle against an illness that he did...with a strength, a dignity and an unbending "joie de vivre". Gord taught us all a great deal about life and for that, we will forever be in his debt.

Sail on Gord. Thank you for the deck that you built and the special place that you created...and for every other way your touch transformed, and made so very special, our lives.

Godspeed friend.

Duncan and Joan.


  1. Gord sounds like he was an awesome guy and I know you will miss him. Kindred spirits. Glad you that you had that time together AND that you have the deck where you can sit, reflect and share memories of your friend.
    ( I always wondered how you got that deck built, assumed you did it yourself but that didn't really "add up" LOL)

  2. What a great way to remember someone...very special.

  3. Gord will always be with you in spirit and especially when you sit on that deck you will reflect on your goodtimes and what he taught you.

  4. Sounds like quite the lad. RIP.