Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cruisin' with the Captain and the Commodore...and all for a good cause.

Stuart Channel towards Saltspring Island and Maple Mountain

Nothing better takes the "ouch!" out of a broken toe (described, as Joan tells me, in "unnecessary detail" in the previous posting) than a day cruise to a nearby Gulf Island. The proverbial "icing on the cake" however, is always being with special folks. This was an item from our annual Skills and Service Auction, in support of World Development and Relief humanitarian projects, and I can tell you that we had looked forward to this day with great anticipation! Our most gracious and hospitable hosts, Peter and Mavis, (quite literally the Captain and the Commodore), treated Linda, Andy, Joan and I to an awesome day on the water aboard the Cheoy Lee trawler, "Tribute". Never has supporting such a good cause been soooo much fun!

Cruising at around seven knots, it was a most relaxing passage from Maple Bay to Thetis Island. En route, I was mesmerized by the available information on the GPS and the other electronic instrumentation. It was illuminating to me, that despite how much time we've spent on the ocean in our sea kayaks over the years, our knowledge of the principles of navigation and seamanship is in need of a little work and study - which actually sounds like a lot of fun and a excellent project for the fall season. Our Captain provided a wealth of detail and that served, not only to give us a whole new perspective on the world of power and sail boats with whom we share the waters, but also to whet our appetites for some continuing education that will ultimately serve to make us more knowledgeable and responsible paddlers.

The Thetis Island bridge to somewhere...back the the trawler, "Tribute"

At the Thetis Island Marina Pub, we enjoyed a delicious lunch (the veggie burger rocks!) and the opportunity to soak up one of our first days of bright and really hot summer sunshine - yes. Returning home later that afternoon, we could all agree that we'd shared a great day, with great folks, in support of a great cause.

Yep, guess you know what we'd like to bid on again next year! :-)



  1. It sure was an awesome day! Still reflecting on the journey and smiling.

  2. Welcome to what used to be my world back in TO every weekend. Now I see why you enjoyed the picture of our racing machine sailboat so much. There is a lot more to learn in running a bigger craft than your little one. Looked like it was a great day. Maybe next year I will outbid you.