Sunday, August 08, 2010

A day in the life of a mild-mannered social worker...on vacation, on the Salish Sea!

Quite frankly, there's nothing like a little time off, to express yourself...and score some great waves!

Yup, that's my beloved, the mild-mannered social worker!


All pics, the Salish Sea, just off Gabriola Island, en route to a circumnav of Entrance Island.


  1. I find I need it to even remember who I am sometimes.Work can become so absorbing of life in general!

    hows the toe??

  2. Understood, Lee. We're all more than what we "do". Good to remember that. Joan's toe is coming along although still slowing me down on the trails - smile. She's back in the VFFs but just on the road. It'll take a little time. Thanks for asking. The new pair of Barefoot Ted's huarache running sandals seem awesome and I'll post a little review soon. I'm sure you're enjoying your minimalist running!

  3. Glad to see you're back on the water having fun riding the waves!
    The COF may rock in a few hours but right now I think we are all trembling in our boots. LOL
    You brave soul to put yourself front n center week after week, year after year!
    Have fun on the water!

  4. You'll all do great and it'll be like the Great Lake Walk, the rest of the team out there will energize and support you. That way, you don't even have to be "brave". :)

  5. The water shots with Joan are great - reminds me of my growing up years lying in our row boat drifing past my parent's place on Saltspring and letting the current take me free and not a care in those days.

    COF did a great job this morning, and they even sing too! Thanks all.


  6. Thanks for dropping by, Sheila. Interesting that you should mention your rowboat. I'm just reading "Rowboat in a Hurricane" by Vancouver Island's Julie Angus - the account of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Pretty inspiring stuff. Duncan.