Sunday, September 19, 2010

Linda and Cathy make us proud - 2010 Great Lake Walk and Ultramarathon!

I have to say, we were some proud when two of our colleagues crossed the finish line of the 2010 Great Lake Walk and Ultramarathon - still smiling, still strong, and still in excellent form after successfully completing 56 kilometres around Lake Cowichan, here on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Linda and Cathy spent several months building up their mileage in preparation for this awesome event. Sure, there must have been some aches and pains and a little "after the fact" stiffness following training sessions but they persisted. Their positive attitude, their sense of adventure, and their desire to go "somewhere" that would stretch and challenge is rewarded by an incredible sense of accomplishment that I'm sure they are savouring right about now, and for very good reason!

You guys rock!

Duncan and Joan (and an almost endless list of fans at DUC and beyond!)

Image: Linda (l) and Cathy (r), on the road near Honeymoon Bay.


  1. Linda and Cathy -
    You are both an inspiration to the rest of us who didn't even try the walk! - Sheila

  2. Thanks D & J and you know we couldn't have done it without all the support and the training you gave us on running!It was our saving grace.
    Linda(who other than a painful foot isn't in too bad of shape)

  3. Way to go Linda and Cathy ! Congratulations on your courage for embarking, your dedication to training, your perserverance during the event, and your enthusiasm and leadership in fundraising. You two deserve to a good long sit in those new chairs !


  4. Congratulations to Linda & Cathy on such an achievement. You both make us all proud to be part of such a wonderful faith family and the various ways we all show how much we care. Those chairs are going to be worth a lot more than just a chair to sit in. We will always remember how we got them.

  5. And we say "ditto" to all of the above! D & J