Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dr. Daniel Lieberman...and some of the science behind minimalist / barefoot running.

Many will have seen this video of Harvard's Dr. Daniel Lieberman speaking about the science behind barefoot and minimalist running - it's simply excellent. If you have six minutes or so, give it a look. Makes one wonder how the manufacturers of the modern running shoe - with all the "engineered" support, stability control and cushioning - could have SO dramatically changed the way we humans move. Looks like we're getting back on track though.


  1. Interesting but I definetly enjoyed the video of the younger guy running through the forest and swinging from the trees.
    Much more pleasing to the eye!

  2. Ah yes, that would be Erwan Le Corre and MovNat. No big deal, heck, all of us barefoot runners look just like that when we're on the trail - just ask Joan! :-)

  3. I once told you at home we ran barefoot, even at school sports. Some wore the regular sneekers, but it was not mandatory. We learned to run in the sand at the beach which is tough to do, but now I do not run however I like to have something on my feet to avoid callouses.

  4. Now do I have an idea for you, J. Vibram FiveFingers! We'll give you a "demo" anytime! :-)