Monday, October 04, 2010

Peace, love, music, and running...sounds like a groovy day to me!

I came across the cool pic above on the Barefoot Runners Society website (from whom, we at OCEANPAX, have proudly received the "Stomp of Approval", featured in the side bar - far out eh?). Now neither Joan nor I had ever heard of the September "Run Woodstock" event, but since we might be considered a couple of "flower children of the sixties" (yeah, we're that old!), seems like it just might be a pretty excellent event to train for in 2011!

Gotta love the names of the various distances: "Far Out 5 km, Trippin' 10 km, Flower Power 10 Mile, Mellow Full Marathon, Hippie Half-Marathon, Peace, Love, and 50 Miles, Freak 50 km, Hallucination 100 Mile".

"Run Woodstock", located in Pinckney, Michigan, promises "Three Days of Peace, Love, Music and...running." Groovy eh?

So, who are the peeps in the pics. Hey, you really had to ask? Yeah, you're right, we've hardly changed a bit! OK, so maybe it's Joan that's hardly changed a bit. :-)

A hundred miler anyone?

Peace, love, and happiness,



  1. That is the best afro I've ever seen on a white guy! haha Thanks for sharing.
    100 miler...that is far out.

  2. Thanks Lee, I take that as a compliment. Should really grow it back again - still could! :-) D.

  3. Too funny...truly flower children of the sixties!

  4. Compliment indeed! So.....which race are you guys competing in? =0)

  5. Ha Ha Yes you probably could grow it out again and just think how cool it would look with the highlights you now have!
    I have to agree....Joan is the one who really hasn't changed much.

  6. Hey Lee, which race? I'm thinkin' the "the race against the clock" any clock will do - but barefoot, of course!

    "Highlights"?! I don't think so, L. What you see is the barest hint of hard-earned maturity...a badge of honour!