Sunday, January 02, 2011

The first run of 2011, a little "humble pie"...and renewed resolve for future goals!

On this very first day of 2011, we hardly stirred when the alarm went off at 5:30 am - well, just enough to push the "snooze" button for another half hour of blessed sleep. Of course, I had tossed and turned all night, trying to come to grips with the fact that we had come up short in meeting our running goal for 2010!

How, I asked Joan, could we face anyone today who might inquire as to the reasons for this statistically blatant shortfall? What rationale (excuse) could I offer after the bravado of the previous months? How could I put on a brave face, in light of such clear and present insufficience, or even set a new goal for 2011 with even a scintilla of confidence? And what about our credibility as (late-ish) middle-aged runners trying to defy the odds!?

And some folks had been so positive, so encouraging, in their belief that the goal would be met. A friend even emailed her good wishes last night. While others were celebrating New Year's Eve with abandon, she trusted that we might be out on the cold, darkened, lonely roads, heroically trying to make up at least some of the shortfall of 197.83 midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

Why, we even considered the propriety of giving ourselves an additional three hours, by explaining that we were basing the "midnight hour" on WST (West Samoa Time), which as some may know is UTC minus 11 hours - and is the last time zone to the "right" of the International Date Line. Even with this rather cunning (even devious?) strategy, we knew we would not make it. There were all too many kilometres...and all too little time. Even our "magical" and minimalist Vibram FiveFingers and Injinji toe socks could not help us here.

Joan, however, was able to take all this in stride (so to speak). "There there, Duncan, the way you are feeling now will pass." she offered in her usual comforting tones. "There's always next year. We can set a new goal. We'll just have to get up earlier and stay out longer." Earlier? Longer? Groan...not likely.

Of course, as I have learned over many years, Joan is always right. So on that note (and having a little fun with it), a New Year began in the early morning darkness with an acceptance of the past (shortfalls) and renewed optimism and resolve for the year to come! Seemed like the very best way to begin! :-)

So, here's to you! Wishing everyone health, happiness, and much success in their "resolve" for 2011!


  1. Brrr...don't your feet get cold? Happy New Year guys! Gen.

  2. Setting goals keeps us going. I am chuckling at the difference in our goals though. My goal is to run 10k in the spring and yours....well certainly a little out of my league. You did well, you came close and just think you only have to add 1 more km to make it for this year...2011km...I am certain you can do it!! (maybe paddle strokes could count as well)

  3. Hi Gen, HNY to you too. Yeah, sometimes they are a little cool..but they always thaw out!:)

    Hi L, you won't have any trouble at all. The toughest part is the first step out of bed and then it's easy. The weird thing about running is that it really IS easy. Believe me, if we can do it, it must be!

    Thanks to both for stopping by.

  4. Hi Duncan and Joan - doesn't matter you didn't quite make it - your supreme effort- the journey on the way, is really what counts. Hugs for you both, we didn't even try to run, - farming, being active all day and walking our dog everyday is good in this family. But we each did make a new goal on our way to Chemainus for the 11am service. Take good care, be safe, talk soon, Sheila and Craig

  5. You're so right, S and C, - it's really only the "journey" that ever much matters. The posting was, admittedly, a little "tongue in cheek". :) And I think renewing or creating fresh goals is a good exercise at the beginning of the year. Why would one not? Life is SURELY about wanting to grow and discover - at every age. As always, thanks for coming by.