Monday, April 11, 2011

Sometimes it takes a "covert recce mission"...

Mt Maxwell on Salt Spring Island - and "intrigue", straight ahead
Today had lots going on...but, there was a brief window of opportunity for a quick paddle in between events.

Desperate for a little time on the water, and with a "covert recce mission" established to justify the launch, I paddled into the swirling mist and rain towards Salt Spring Island. Nope, I can't talk about it. The preliminary intelligence gathered, however, looks interesting. Let's just say that the anticipated "end state" may well be accomplished within hours. More to come? Uncertain. The mission may have to remain classified.

Bottom line: It was sure nice to be on the water - always refreshing, for body, mind, and spirit! :-)



  1. Good luck!...although if your planning something outside lucks already on your side!

  2. Roger that. Thanks Lee, good to hear from you.

  3. I cannot even imagine what the "classified mission" was but you better spill the beans in a few hours or I may pester you until you do!!
    Glad you managed to get out on the water...twas a bit wet though wasn't it?

  4. Sorry, no can do, L. We're talking "Special Operational Information" here. Yup, SOI - the real meal deal. Yeah, it was actually really wet, and blustery at times - which of course, further added to the atmosphere of intrigue. D.