Monday, April 04, 2011

A tough slog on the "Chicken Run"!

One of a "thousand" trails on Mt. Tzouhalem!
Nearby Mt. Tzouhalem is one of our favourite places for being outside. There are countless trails in a natural environment that has been described as "gorgeous and magical" - enough trails, in fact, to get turned around occasionally. Having said that, we've never had to "camp out" overnight!

The most recent outing on the trails was, um, a little humbling. After allowing us their usual 24-hour-period-of-grace, calves and achilles, unaccustomed to the generous supply of up-hill routes, registered their complaints this morning. Who would have thought that a trail named the "Chicken Run" would have such consequences!

But you know, I never mind these rather predictable aches and pains (especially when you're a little "older"). It's proof positive that you pushed yourself. It means that, admittedly, the body was nudged into a zone of slight discomfort - but for the sake of a larger goal. The muscles will recover and the good news is that they won't be nearly so surprised when you take the same route again! In fact, they'll take it in "stride". Canadian endocrinologist, Hans Selye, wrote about eustress - the healthy and positive form of stress that actually enhances function. That's pretty much what this is all about.

Growth always comes when we push ourselves - carefully. Equilibrium and a "new normal" is established - and we're better for it. The improved health and strength that we may pursue may be for body, mind, or spirit - or all three! You can bet that it will come when we make that extra effort.

Now, for some ice! :-)



  1. Push until you can't push anymore is my motto. It's gotten me into some trouble but it's also allowed for some amazing adventures!

  2. Thanks Jimmy, I'm pretty cool about "adventures"...and you continue to be a great inspiration!

  3. "no pain no gain" they say so guess I better run til it hurts next time. LOL

  4. Now you be careful out there, L. I don't believe in "no pain, no gain"! Anything more than "slight discomfort" is too much. Good ChiRunning form will minimize injury. The need for "ice" was also proof that we overdid it. :-( Great to have you check in!

  5. Looks like it might be pretty slippery. But you've inspired me to think about trying it...someday...

  6. Hi Cathe,

    It's actually OK - the rain runs off the slopes into a couple of streams pretty quickly. Go with a friend, take good care, and enjoy this marvellous mountain. Sure appreciate you dropping by!