Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Canadian Coast Guard and Canadian Forces - teamwork on behalf of us all.

Drama unfolds on the Salish Sea.
There's rarely a dull moment on the sea scape before us on Gabriola Island. This morning the Coast Guard and Search and Rescue appeared to be involved in an exercise - transferring personnel from helicopter to hovercraft and back again. I'm sure the passengers on the passing British Columbia Ferry found it just as thrilling!

These are the men and women whose expertise and daring save lives - over and over again.

Mission complete.
I'm sure glad that they're there. Bravo zulu, one and all.

PS The images were a bit of a "stretch" for our little Panasonic DMC-TS2  (paddling camera) - but you get the point.


  1. And you would have loved to have been out there practicing with them I bet! Looks pretty cool.

  2. Kind of you to say that, L, but I got all the excitement I could handle standing on the deck watching! D.