Saturday, September 03, 2011

When you're pushing a bow wave and life seems like an uphill struggle, it may be time to...

A contrasting scene on the Toronto waterfront last week.
The "Hippo" was pushing a huge bow wave. It was meeting with heavy resistance. The boiling, turbulent water at its stern revealed its struggle to move forward. The yellow and blue amphi-bus looked (and sounded) "heavy". It was an uphill struggle.

The paddler, on the other hand, skimmed the surface...effortlessly, leaving no wake or evidence of his passage.

The paying passengers, inside the "Hippo", sat tightly squeezed together. They could exercise no control. The schedule and route were out of their hands - they were, "along for the ride".

The paddler determined his own course and timings.

The passengers were a "captive" audience to the commentary of the driver.

The paddler was singing - the rhythm of his song, matching the cadence of his strokes.

So when you're pushing a bow wave and life seems like an uphill may be time to get out of the "bus" and "exercise" some freedom with a little self-propelled movement. Or talk with a good friend.

Both may take a little courage. But both work every time - at least that's been my experience. I wonder if it's been yours?


OK, so I adjusted the "horizon" on the image...just a little, just for effect. 


  1. Ya but you can have a lot of fun with a group of people rather than being on your own. It kinda looks like the Ride the Duck and that truly was a blast, and yes talking with a good friend always lightens the load.

  2. Well if it looks like "Ride the Duck" and moves like "Ride the Duck", it must BE "Ride the Duck" - except that it was in Toronto, not Seattle. Good point, L, it did kind of look like fun - in a Hippo / Duck kind of way. :) D.