Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A message in a tree, for all to see...peace on earth, goodwill to all, everywhere.

In the middle of the Gabriolan woods...a message, in a tree.
We were running on a quiet trail through the magical and mysterious woods of Gabriola Island today. You can imagine our surprise and delight, when we came upon this magnificent...Christmas tree. Lush, vibrant and richly green salal was growing out of an old growth tree stump - a picture of new life and future possibilities. Some wonderfully imaginative and thoughtful person had added bright red Christmas bows and decorations and symbols of peace, joy, hope, and love. It more than made you smile.

Whatever faith tradition we follow, or have chosen not to follow, we all surely aspire to a world at peace and to lives and relationships that reflect joy, hope, and love. There would be no finer gift to our children and our children's children than a better and fairer world for all people...everywhere. I cannot imagine ever giving up on that possibility.

A simple message.
To this end, may we come to understand ourselves as sisters and brothers, inter-connected and inter-dependent, all sharing together this fragile, island planet that whirls through infinite space and time. We are, after all, a family...a community.

You are all so very special. From our small corner of the world, we wish you health and happiness, and warmest blessings this Christmas and in the New Year to come.

Paddle, run..."be", peacefully.

Duncan and Joan.


  1. Enjoy the season with your parishioners family and those close to your heart. May all the peace be with you in the following season of peace.


  2. Ah that looks so beautiful. It must have been wonderful to come across. Wishing you both a Merry Christmas and lets hope that soon all the world will be at peace.

  3. What a beautiful message for a like minded soul to leave in the woods. Let us all hope that one day there will be peace in the world. A Very Merry and Safe Christmas to you, Joan & Jeff.

  4. It is always my experience, running on trails, that there are surprises around every "corner". Happy Christmas "shoeless" Christmas. :>) BF JJ.

  5. Hi Duncan and Joan, have a peaceful 'Yule Time'.
    All the best.

  6. Thanks Lee. Keep us "posted" on your adventures and warm wishes to you and your family this special season.

    Thank you Mark and Robyn, Merry Christmas and may you look forward to a great year of paddling!

    Hi L, and you know what the Gabriolan woods are like - always a surprise waiting and always magical.

    Greetings to you in the other "warmland", J. Yes, let us hope...with confidence!

    Great to hear from you Bf JJ - soooo good to be back on the trails. Will be back in the VFFs soon! Merry Christmas!

    Thank you, David. Warm Christmas wishes to you and looking forward to hearing about your kayaking adventures in magnificent Scotland in 2012.

    Bless you all! D&J