Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stormy, stormy Wednesday...

Entrance Island lighthouse, through light snow and gale force winds.
Lest anyone think that the March sun constantly shines above clear, "azure skies" on Canada's west coast, here's some pics from today. Despite having made plans to get out on the water, the elements had other ideas. The Environment Canada "wind warning" from yesterday materialized and whipped up boiling seas around the southern Gulf Islands. It was pretty exciting standing on the shore. For a while, the waves seemed simply "mountainous", from our perspective on the shore - there's a reasonable fetch on the Salish Sea and the wind was taking every advantage of it.

Eventually, the mighty gusts began to subside, and the visibility improved. The overcast began to lighten... powerful waves continued to release their massive energy on the Gabriola Island shores.

The Entrance Island lighthouse emerged, once again, from the mist and light snow...

...and the BC Ferry, which had been holding in port in Vancouver, passed by on its way to neighbouring Nanaimo.

I'm sure a good percentage of the passengers were bravely trying to hold on to more than their breath, if you know what I mean.

And throughout it all, the Island power stayed on!

If you can't get out in the kayak, bracing yourself on the shore in a fierce wind storm is a pretty darn good substitute. :)



  1. The good thing is that this is happening mid week for a change. Maybe with any luck the weekend will be a balmy 15C and calm winds..... does it hurt to dream?? LOL

  2. The forecast is for sunshine, Mark, so let's dream on - they have a way of coming true. :) We'll also keep our fingers crossed. Good point, thanks for that. Duncan.

  3. Nothing better than standing on the shore in a storm with the wind wildly blowing against you.

  4. You're right about that, L. Especially when conditions suggest that keeping the "keel line side" down would be well beyond the realm of possibility! D.

  5. Joan and Duncan,
    Your pictures and blogs are wonderful. Is the book written and on Amazon yet?
    Take good care of yourselves,
    from H. R. Alberta

  6. Many thanks, Jen. You have way more faith in me than I have in myself! :) Warm wishes. Duncan.