Saturday, April 07, 2012

"Good"ness, in this Good Friday...

The backdrop to our "moving meditations".
These are the waters we most often paddle...and so deeply cherish. Our narrow boats feel comfortable on the rolling surface of the deep blue, with the snow-capped coastal range of Western Canada, and the depth of infinite sky serving as a back drop to our moving meditations. Every time we paddle here, off the sandstone shores of a small Gulf Island that in the days to come will become our home, we are reminded of the delicacy of this fragile, island planet...and the fragility of life itself.

There would be no paddling today. In my vocation, as a parish minister, I am called to focus on other matters. In our faith tradition, it is Good Friday, a day for contemplation and understanding. Today, we found our lives woven forever into the fabric of the lives of a young mother and her two beautiful children. They came to us, in need of gifts of warmth and compassion...and acceptance. They knew they would find those gifts at our parish home, for it is known far and wide as a "safe harbour" for all. Those gifts were given, by so many, with so much love.

Today was not a day to paddle...but it was a day to affirm the goodness of humankind.

For me, that is even better, than even the very best day on the water.

May peace be with you,



  1. Duncan, today you told us how much we are all valued and I beleive that is all any of us want. It is a gift when we are able to help others feel valued, accepted and loved. Thank you for your inspiring words today and for sharing this story.

  2. Thank you...and bless you, L. Duncan.

  3. I always wondered, Duncan, and now I understand a little more. It really is all about valuing, and being valued in life. Thank you for that. Your friend, Gen.

  4. I think that's true, Gen. We have probably all had the experience of not feeling valued. Relationships depend on it...and it gives life meaning. I know that I am so often remiss in expressing gratitude for friendships - we get so busy, and so distracted. We could all do better, I'm sure. Relationships should never be taken for granted - nurture is required. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Gen. It means a lot. Duncan.

  5. Thank you, Duncan for that Soul-Felt, special message - Sheila

  6. Thank you, Sheila. It just seemed like one of these "good news stories" that would be nice to share. Duncan.

  7. :-)

    At special time of the year. Thank you for sharing your gift of kindness.


  8. Wishing you both peace and happiness at Easter,

    Kind Regards

  9. And thank you, Mark, for your friendship through this medium. It creates a sense of "family"...something that has a way of strengthening us all.

    And also with you, Ian, and blessings across the miles. Pax, Duncan.