Friday, July 20, 2012

Living the passion...

"Let the beauty we love, be what we do."
- Rumi

Lunch break at Pilot Bay.
Passion is a wonderful thing. It's a step beyond enthusiasm - also a wonderful thing to feel and share. For some, passion may be for the outdoors. For others, it may be for a specific activity or hobby, or for volunteering time and energy to altruistic projects...or any pursuit at all that brings meaning, fulfilment, and joy. Passion may be for spending priceless time with family and friends. It may be for a combination of all of the above. Certainly, if one has passion for what one does when they are at "work", then that is a very special place in life to be.

Kelp are such fun - an "algae" of two worlds.
Every time we launch the sea kayaks we are reminded of the deep passion we have for being on the water, and part of a marine environment that reflects beauty, complexity, and whimsy. We are reminded of how much we enjoy being together, and yet, how much we also need to be alone with our own thoughts and meditations. We are reminded of how good it feels to be tired and weary after a day on the water. It is at these times that we understand the words of Rumi, the 13th Century Sufi mystic. Indeed, we should make every effort in life to let the beauty we love, be what we do.

Entrance Island and the sea lion colony that sounds like a full-on motocross event!
(Note the cool "Marathon des Sables" sun hat.)
Yesterday, we launched at Descanso Regional Park on Gabriola Island with no real plan, except to spend some time on the water. It's difficult to resist paddling out to Entrance Island so that's what we did. The morning overcast was replaced by clear, sunny skies and it was very warm.

It was a great opportunity to "baptize" my recently acquired paddling hat, purchased at MEC in Calgary last month. (You have to understand that I'm not a "hat" person.) Common sense, however, dictates headgear in the summer sun. Granted, the "Outdoor Research Sun Runner" cap is right out of the Marathon des Sables - but that's certainly part of its charm! :) As for keeping the sun off your face, neck, and ears, it's rated at UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 30 - hard to beat in that regard as well.

OK, I digressed.

Two "ships".
As we neared Entrance Island lighthouse, we could hear what sounded, at first, like multiple chainsaws. The noise increased and it was reminiscent of a full-on motocross event featuring dozens of high-performance dirt bikes. On Entrance Island? Don't think so. Turned out it was the collective call of dozens of massive sea lions - at both ends of the island! Turns out also that Joan knew exactly what the source of the "noise" was while I scanned, incredulously, for evidence of chainsaws or motorcycles on the tiny islet. Geesh!

A penny for "thoughts in solitude".
At the halfway point, at the end of postcard-pretty Entrance Island, we paused and snacked on walnuts, raisins, and dates, our kayaks rising and falling with the gentle swell traversing the Salish Sea. These were moments to embrace. As do so many, we share a passion for the beauty and the richness of the sea and the joys that come through this self-propelled activity.

Taking out...where we put in.
At the end of the 16 kilometre circuit, it had been several hours of simply letting the beauty we love, be what we did. And there was passion felt...for every moment.

You will understand all of this, I'm certain.



  1. Looks like it was a great day out on the water. Great that you now have the time to do what you are passionate about...not so sure about that hat though :)

  2. I certainly hope you're kidding me about the hat, L. I thought it looked rather dashing. Maybe not...? :) D.

  3. Ya just kidding's a pretty cool hat :)

  4. Understand I do, Duncan. Engagement with interests that stir our energies and passions are too often postponed till "later". Of course, the "present" moment loses out and sometimes "later" never comes. Now's the time. Bf JJ

  5. Aaaahh! Summer

    Is it finally here? Our first paddle in light gear last night certainly makes us think it might have arrived.

    Looks like you both had another life moment on the water. The again .... isn't every paddle one of those? :-)


  6. I think you're correct, Bf JJ. I have observed in my work over the years, that deferring living serves (all too often) to devalue time and causes us to lose ground. Indeed, "now" is the time - and it is so precious. We have to do our best to honour it fully. Thanks for your perspective. D.

    Agreed Mark, and those "life moments" surround us all on land and sea. The secret is to be willingly attentive to the wisdom they contain - sometimes easier said than done! Thanks for stopping by. D.