Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Serenity in movement, and "guitar" paddles...

Taking full advantage of a "manufactured" wave.
The days when there is not even a breath of wind are not our most favourite days to go paddling. A little breeze is refreshing and a brisker breeze makes for some fun bumps and lumps - always good for practising techniques and developing new skills. But, on calm days...there's always the possibility of "manufactured waves", courtesy of passing marine vessels. Ocean tugs leave a nice wake and one passed by us in Sansum Narrows today. With nothing in tow, it was heading up-island at a good rate of speed which meant a few delicious seconds of rolling water.

Crossing back over from Saltspring Island to Vancouver Island, the water became almost "silky" smooth again. As pretty as it is, I prefer a little more "movement".

There is, of course, magnificent beauty in "stillness".
Back on land, I find it difficult to sit still which may well be why there has been, for many years, an exercise ball behind the desk in the office. Joan has one too. Folks who would come to see either one of us almost always comment, "What's with the ball?" It's both a great conversation piece and an ice-breaker. More times than I can remember, a difficult situation has been "softened" when we explain why there isn't the usual "chair" behind our desks. It makes folks smile...and then we can move on to deal with the situation at hand.

Starfish - the tide went out, maybe they should have moved?
In a kayak, it doesn't matter how still the surface of the water is...there is perpetual movement. All you have to do is breathe and the tiny vessel responds through its interface with the fluid ocean surface.

When we deny our bodies movement, we invite the sadness and despair that arises from stasis and lethargy. Movement rejuvenates, stimulates, and renews. There is also a wonderful serenity in movement. I think little children must find that too when I remember, many years ago, holding my son and rocking him to sleep. In movement, I find peace. Thoughts and contemplations become moving meditations. There is a peace that comes from the measured cadence of running steps in the forest or on the treadmill. There is certainly peace in the repetition of paddle strokes. There is no better way to spend time with a good friend than to be moving together along a path or a trail en route to some high place above the valley.

And when you're paddling, and you feel like pausing for a break (briefly stopping), you can always turn your paddle into that guitar you could never afford - and become that rock 'n roll star you never became. :)

Some funky 12-bar blues on the Greenland paddle.
Maybe there's still time?

Joan is so patient with me...



  1. Hi D
    I have never seen so many starfish together like that. Almost "yucky" looking. Looks like you had a fun time out on the water despite the stillness. A little rock and roll music out on the water probably felt good. Amazing how that paddle can be transformed from a paddle, to a microphone, to a guitar all with in a few weeks.LOL Guess I need more movement in my life,to keep me smiling. And yes, Joan is the most patient woman I have ever met!

  2. Thanks L. It sure was a "close" community of starfish. I hope the tide came back up in time! Greenland paddles are incredibly flexible, eh. Haha. See you on the water very soon. D.