Thursday, September 20, 2012

"The Perfect Runner"...a "must see".

"The Perfect Runner", a documentary film by Niobe Thompson, is a "must see" for anyone who loves to run...OR who may think that running is the last thing they'd ever want to do. Be prepared to be very surprised - you too may become convinced that long distance running may be the most important natural "talent" that sets human beings apart from every other life form on this planet.

Whether or not you read and loved Christopher McDougall's epic book, "Born to Run", this film will be sure to spark a desire to find a trail - and run. It's being aired tonight in Canada on Dr. David Suzuki's, "The Nature of Things". The film will be shown internationally and may also be purchased.

Check it out.

See you on the trail. :)



  1. Ha found a movie you actually like! Shall try and check it out tonight.
    Thanks for passing this on.

  2. Yes L, I did. Quite astonishing, eh? I know you'll enjoy it and understand better my enthusiastic "discourses" on the subject. :) D.

  3. Duncan, the Ben Cheever quote in your sidebar says it all. "Running is my anchor. It's not what I do, but it's what makes everything else I do okay." The film will encourage more to discover that truth - through movement that is more "natural" than any of us ever realized. Cheers. BfJJ

  4. Great to hear from you, BfJJ. I SO agree. Duncan.