Friday, October 19, 2012

Are we missing sea kayaking? Yes, but...

Broughty Castle, warmly glowing under a setting sun.
Knowing how much we cherish our narrow boats, folks sometimes ask, "Are you missing paddling the kayaks?" Well, yes we are. It would have been wonderful to have been able to bring them along...with all the associated gear of course. Scotland is an absolute world-class destination for those who love to paddle - the possibilities are both endless and awe-inspiring.

For now, the boats are at home and under close and loving supervision. We have found, however, another self-propelled activity that offers many rewards, walking. A couple of days ago, we walked from Carnoustie to Dundee. The route we took, including some "extra" steps looking for a bus that would take us back to the car, was about 22 kilometres. We took dozens of pictures along the way but the one above is a favourite - 15th Century, Broughty Castle, just a few foot steps up the coast from the city.

The wonderful layers of history, everywhere in Scotland, are a feast to the eyes, the mind, and the imagination. It takes our minds off all the tempting possibilities on the water - for now. :)



  1. really are in a whole different world. You better find a place to rent kayaks and go paddling at least once while you are over there...otherwise you could come home with regrets.

    Keep exploring!

  2. Thanks for that, Linda. For outdoor stuff, it's like being in a bakery - EVERYthing looks so good! :) D.

  3. Right you are, Gen. :) Couldn't agree more. Duncan.