Sunday, October 14, 2012

Severe storm warning, floods, and fine marmalade...

"A ship in a harbour is safe...
but that's not what ships are built for."

The turbulent North Sea releasing its energy on the shore near Arbroath.
Many years ago, as a university student, I had a poster in my room in residence. On it was an image of a grand sailing ship, moored safely in a harbour. At the bottom of the poster were the words, "A ship in a harbour is safe...but that's not what ships are built for". I loved those words and their delicious call to leave the comfort of the "harbour" in search of epic adventures. Since then however, I've learned that some occasional time in a "harbour" makes good sense and can be an important source of self-care. There is no shame in "tying up" to the dock every now and again for respite or "resupply".

A couple of days ago, we had a lot of rain here in eastern Scotland - and a lot of wind. If our sea kayaks could have accompanied us to the Angus coast, they would have stayed on the racks. We might have even tied them, and the car, down lest they all develop lift - and end up somewhere in western Scotland!

Waves roll right over the harbour wall - no boat tours on this day.
This vessel in the harbour is safe...that's a good thing.
After hiking along the trail above the Seaton Cliffs and taking in the mighty drama that Mother Nature was displaying, we took to the highway in our little Toyota - probably not the wisest idea we've ever had. It was, however, a bit of an adventure.

When driving feels a bit like kayaking.
Seeing the roads closing (literally) behind us, it seemed like a good time for a cup of strong coffee and a scone with some fine marmalade. This lovely cafe was, to us, a "harbour"...and a most pleasant one at that.

Did we share the one scone? Yes. Why? It was the last one they had. Did I scoop two scones worth of marmalade on my half-scone? Yes. Did Joan? No...she's far too sensible. ;)



  1. Welcome again to Scotland! It has certainly been wet and wild, we got the worst of it the day after you did in Angus. Wet and wild, but pretty impressive all the same :o)

    Kind regards

  2. Haha ..I laughed when I saw the one scone and thought geesh, D & J you're on holidays live a little and have your own...but I see there was reason for sharing. Looks delicous which is more than can be said for the storm! Glad you stayed safe.

  3. Thanks for that. Ian. Yes, nature sure has a way of reminding us of our place! And this morning the skies are blue. :) Duncan.

    Hi L, well there were other treats available but it just felt like an appropriately simple "meal". You know us. Haha. D.