Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All that really matters...

A very small degree of hope 
is sufficient to cause the birth of love. 
- Stendhal

A rainbow...a symbol of hope.
 Life is so precious...and we all continue to struggle to understand how we can one day be free from acts of violence in the world. Both peace and deep compassion, in the hearts of all people everywhere, remain so illusive. But we must never give up...ever.

Words are not enough and tears are not enough...only brave and generous love is sufficient. It's all that really matters.

May our "small degrees of hope" join together to create the better world for which we yearn - for all children, everywhere.

And may we have courage.


  1. Hi Duncan and Joan,
    What a beautiful blog. Last week was a tragic week but I still know the world really is becoming a better place to live as each day goes by. I really did learn a great deal from both of you those five years of your weekly teachings.
    Glad you both made it home safely.
    God's speed,

  2. Well said, generous love...I like that.
    The world needs so much love.

  3. Thank you, Jen, I too have hope that we will somehow learn and do better. To believe otherwise is to give up - and that must never be an option. And we will never forget your care and hospitality. D and J.

    Thanks L. Another word for generous is "extravagant" - that is where the courage is required. Like the proverbial "penny", love does its best work when it's spent. :) D.