Monday, December 24, 2012

Wishing you peace at Christmas...and many wonderful adventures.

At this special time of the year, we want very much to acknowledge all who have touched and enriched our lives through this unique medium. To all those who share their stories, their adventures, their dreams and even their struggles, their amazing images, and some darn good "gear" reviews...thank you so much. Your reflections, on both life and the outdoor pursuits we all cherish so much, have created a meaningful connection and a warm bond for which Joan and I are deeply thankful. Over the years, we have become a small "community", and we draw strength from our shared experiences.

May adventures continue to roll in!
To those who visit this little blog regularly, or just now and again, thank you for "listening" and for allowing us to share with you our passion, not only for the world "outside", but for much that makes life on this marvellous planet a "journey", filled with meaning, value, and purpose. We are humbled that folks would stop by to spend a little time with these words, thoughts, and images...they represent a piece of who we are and we deeply value each and every opportunity to share them in this way. Our hope is that there will always be a little something here that touches you, or sparks a thought or a smile.

The essence of celebrations in many traditions at this time of the year is love, an element of the human experience that all people everywhere need in order to feel whole. Our wish this Christmas is for all in our world to feel valued, respected, needed, and cared for - and that this extraordinary "island" planet, will experience only the gentle nurture and stewardship of its human passengers.

We wish you peace, in this very moment, and in the New Year to come...and, of course, many wonderful adventures!

With warm wishes,

Duncan and Joan.

The fabric art (top image) hangs in a prominent place in our home. Created by Joy and Evelyn, it reminds us each and every day of the special environment in which we live, but also of the joy of the "shared adventure". We cherish and are deeply thankful for that reminder.


  1. Have a very happy Christmas Duncan and Joan :o)

    Kind Regards

  2. Paix! And all the best this holiday.

  3. Duncan & Joan,

    I look forward to reading many more posts and sharing in your adventures in the new year.

    Merry Christmas,
    Love L

  4. Ian, Lee, and L, wishing you and your families a warm and wonderful Christmas. "Talk" to you again soon! D and J

  5. Duncan and Joan

    May your journey into 2013 be one of excitement and adventure.

    Age is no barrier for adventurers.

  6. Great to hear from you on the blog, Mike. You're absolutely correct and you (and that MG!) are a demonstration of that. We'll be back for another ride as soon a possible! :) Duncan and Joan.

  7. Hi Duncan and Joan,
    Merry Christmas.
    What a wonderful blog.
    This year I changed it up. We usually have a birthday party with cake, candles and balloons. This year I thought I would have a Baby shower for Mary on Christmas Eve with Balloons and plates with a blue baby pram saying "it's a boy". It was a hit. Christmas day was the bithday party. Jayden made a wonderful cake and put Jesus from the creche on the cake with candles and then we sang Happy birthday. It was so much fun. I wonder if they are all just humoring me. They are all great sports.
    Thank you for the greetings.
    Jen and the famly from Snowy River, Alberta

  8. Hi Jen, I'm absolutely SURE your family wasn't humouring you! Haha. Sounds like a wonderful day - and singing "happy birthday" (with bells in the background) is perfectly appropriate! :) Warmest wishes to you and Doug and family. Duncan and Joan.