Thursday, March 21, 2013

A rainbow's reminder...

A rainbow's transient and fragile reminder.
In the midst of a day of storm warnings, gales and stormy seas, a rainbow of extraordinary beauty formed over the Coast Mountains, across the Salish Sea. It seemed a gentle and tangible, albeit brief, reminder of how fragile and how short life can be. It lasted but for a few moments.

We all have people in our lives who live bravely in the midst of struggle and pain. For some it is illness, for others it may simply be life's circumstances. Some are innocent bystanders, others make decisions that may return to haunt and to hurt. In the midst of the pain we may too feel on their behalf, or even for losses we ourselves know, there are always unanswerable questions. We can let that frustrate us, or we can take a collective and deep breath - and maybe, just maybe, discover a treasure.

It may be a time and an opportunity to discern together what is really important in our lives. Clearly we must take better care of each other, attempting to feel and understand one another's pain, for in so doing, we are moved to compassion. Acts of compassion bring healing, or at the very least, they bring comfort - to both the one who receives, and to the one who gives. We need to seek out peace-filled ways to celebrate and embrace our marvellous diversity. We need also to demonstrate greater concern for the island planet that is our shared and only home. I'm not sure much else matters. Anwar Fazal wrote these moving words:

Remember, we are one.

We all drink from one water
We all breathe from one air
We rise from one ocean
And we live under one sky

We are one

The new born baby cries the same
The laughter of children is universal
Everyone's blood is red
And our hearts beat the same song

We are one

We are all brothers and sisters
Only one family, only one earth
Together we live
And together we die

We are one

We are one

Peace be on you
Brothers and Sisters
Peace be on you.

- Anwar Fazal

So, what then will be helpful? For me, I will try to be kinder, more compassionate, more patient, more willing to love, to forgive, to listen, and to understand others. I will look beyond my own tiny and sometimes frenetic world and focus more energy on the needs of those who struggle, and who may often be forgotten. I will try to be more thankful, for therein lies a source of immense strength. I will find ways to take better care of the earth. All of these things will help to take away some of the hurt in the world, and in the lives of others.

A mere drop in the ocean? Yes, perhaps. But as we have discovered, paddling our sea kayaks on these magnificent waters, it is each and every individual drop that makes up the vast length, breadth, and depth of the ocean.

So yes, I must believe that it will be worth the effort.



  1. Beautiful, thank you.
    Breathing deeply,
    we can all try,

  2. Duncan:
    What a lovely rainbow. You must always have your camera on the ready for moments like this. I truly love the poem. It speaks volumes. I will do my best to try and emulate you. Great post.

  3. Hi L, breathing deeply is certainly an exercise that helps to keep us in the moment. That, of course, is often life's most missed treasure. Thanks so much, I appreciate your comment. D.

    Yes, J, around here rainbows are frequent, and as everywhere always very special. I will confess that it is easier to write about compassion and thankfulness than to unfailingly practice these things. Ample opportunities abound, however, and as with everything, I believe practice brings strength and forms good habit. Thanks for taking time to share a few words. D.