Wednesday, October 09, 2013

"Help for Heroes"...why we're eating eggs this week.

Joan and I don't eat eggs very often, but this week will be an exception.

This afternoon, while walking down the supermarket aisle in Tesco, one of the larger grocery retailers in the UK, a particular product caught our eye. They were just eggs, but it was the way they were packaged that made them stand out for us. The containers were olive drab egg cartons with the words, "Eggs for Soldiers", prominently displayed. 15p from every package of six eggs is donated to "Help for Heroes", a British charity that provides help and support to wounded servicemen and women, most of whom served in Afghanistan.

Many Canadians also lost their lives in Afghanistan, countless others were seriously wounded, both physically and psychologically. Their lives, and the lives of their families, have been dramatically changed forever. Sadly, as those who serve in other countries, these brave and dedicated members of our Canadian Forces are being increasingly forgotten. No longer reminded by the newspaper headlines, people move on. It is clearly an issue that few understand, or even care to think about.

It is a matter, however, that will be on our minds for the rest of our lives...for it is deeply personal.

This week we will eat our eggs, and we will hope others are reminded of those who have served and been wounded, by the olive drab egg cartons on supermarket shelves.

Here in the UK, they are available at Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, and the Co-op.

Lest we forget.



  1. It is very sad how we do move on and how we do as a society forget.
    Canada needs to stand behind their veterans and support them in all ways.
    Bring the egg idea back to would be a good message for everyone.

  2. Thanks for that, L. People care, and I know they do. There's also a lot of compassion around this issue. Sometimes it's just a matter of jogging memories. Always good to get your perspective. Take good care. D.

  3. D,
    Checked out the "Help for Heroes"...awesome site and great to hear their stories...we need something like that here with not only the good outcomes but the struggles that they are facing..a way to bring awareness to people. I think it is more the media that forgets and the rest of us are left wondering what ever happened to them. Next month we are having a community awareness night about veterans at our church...I hope many come to hear the speaker.
    Enjoy the eggs;)

  4. Great idea to help support those who have given...and struggle much. So I shared it on my Facebook page. Also had a listen to Dougie MacLean's Caledonia & can understand the heartstrings being plucked.
    Thinking of you both (from California) and wishing you wonder-full travels and a Happy Thanksgiving weekend! D&J.

  5. Hi Lindy,

    Thanks so much for your supportive comment. I think the awareness event is an excellent idea. We'll look forward to hearing more about it. Bless you. D

    Hi Jackie,

    Always great to hear from you and we appreciate you sharing your perspective on Facebook. As you know, it's very personal to a lot of folks. Glad you enjoyed Dougie, we hope to see / hear him live later in the autumn over here. You have a wonderful time in sunny CA and warm wishes to you and Dennis. D&J

  6. Hope your young guy is holding up well after tour Duncan. We all know what happened there and the return to a apathetic popluation. Will be doing much reflection as the slow build up to the 11th nov. Always a rough time a year.

  7. Your kind thoughts mean a lot to us, Lee. You know very well the experience. It was life-changing, for us all. One day we'll meet...and talk. Take good care, we think of you often. Duncan and Joan.