Sunday, November 03, 2013

We just like the wind in our faces...

But all who wander are not lost.
We just like the wind in our faces.
- Dougie MacLean

A seemingly endless shoreline to wander,
near Ullapool, on Scotland's west coast.
The wind-up concert of the Perthshire Amber Festival, at the Perth Concert Hall last night, was simply wonderful. The music festival, in its 9th year, is organized by singer and composer, Dougie Maclean. Some may know his best known song, "Caledonia". It's been described as "Scotland's unofficial national anthem". I find it heart-stirring and deeply moving.

Dougie sang another of his many compositions last night, "All who wander". It spoke to us both. It's about those who wander, and possibly why. I suppose we've always been "wanderers". We've lived in many places, each unique and very special, and loved every one. Why did we never "settle down" in one place? I think Dougie's observation may be right. For some, "we just like the wind in our faces".

The experience of having the wind on your face is exhilarating. It brings colour and radiance to the cheeks. It makes the eyes water, the very process is cleansing and moistening. Ears become more attuned to what is ahead. Walking into a stiff wind requires a little more effort. The heart rate quickens. The lungs work harder and more life-giving oxygen is drawn in for distribution to every cell. The increased effort makes the body stronger, while at the same time, stimulating thinking processes and refreshing weary spirits. 

When the wind is in our faces, the delicious smells of the sea and the forest and the mountains - and the local bakery - are directed  quickly to the waiting olfactory receptors. It means that we're alive and outside...and it's a reward for being there. This deeper connection to the environment brings greater situation awareness of the planet, the fragile, island home we all share.

We've enjoyed the wandering, but calling somewhere special "home", and spending a lifetime there, is a wonderful thing too. It is equally valid to return to that same cherished spot at each journey's end.

It may be, for all of us, that it's simply the willingness to live, with the "wind in our faces", that can enrich the experience of life.


  1. Exploring or wandering brings new awareness to our lives. I love having the wind in my face even if only from this small island :)There is still so much here I have yet to see.

  2. Hi Duncan and Joan, wonderful blog. We had a huskey cross that loved the wind in his face. Learned a lot from him. Hope you got my e mail last week! Jen

  3. Hi L, yes I agree, it's a lot about ongoing awareness that movement brings. Like a flowing river, moving air refreshes and brings newness to life. I have a lot to see too! I know there won't be sufficient time! Haha! Thanks L! D.

    Hi Jen, dogs seem to love to point their noses into the wind - and they are so much more aware than we human beings of "what's in the air". Yes, thank you so much, we got your note and are glad things are OK with you in High River. It's surely been a tough time for so many. Good thoughts and vibes to you. Duncan.