Saturday, March 15, 2014

On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Leven...

Peaceful Loch Leven.
Back in ("Blue Sky") Scotland again, it was great to meet up with MG Mike in lovely Kinross. The coffee is always deliciously strong, the buttery shortbread melts in your mouth, and the elegant ambiance of the Green Hotel soothes the weary, jet-lagged traveler. This 18th century coaching inn sits near Loch Leven and its tiny island castle where Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned in 1567 - and from which she escaped a year later! (The other Loch Leven is on the west coast, south of Fort William, and is a salt-water loch.)

The Scottish mid-March...a "short sleeve" day.
It's always a great time to be in Scotland but this year, 2014, is particularly special. This is the Year of Homecoming - everywhere, the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the Forth Bridges Festival, and golf's Ryder Cup at the Gleneagles Hotel. This time, for us, it's a locum with a very special parish in Angus...but the dry suits, PFDs, hiking boots and backpacks, happily came along for the ride.

The "freshwater" Loch Leven.
With a bit of luck, they'll find meaningful "employment" too. :)


  1. Welcome "home" Duncan & Joan! What a beautiful day it looks too...... I feel sure that all the listed items will get good use during your time here. :-)

    Kind regards

  2. Looks so very peaceful and quiet...with no other folks around...and yes you better get those dry suits wet or ....well we'll see :)

  3. Thanks for that, Ian, we'll assume the skies will be blue when you're back on the waters here. ;) Warm wishes.

    You have me intrigued, L. :) Or what? Oh oh - sounds like possibly another unscheduled "swim". Better make sure the phone is in its waterproof case this time! Looking forward to seeing you - and the "or what?" ;) D.

  4. Great to see you've come back home! We spent yesterday evening in Scotlandwell! How long are you here for? It would be good to get the drysuits used!

  5. Thanks so much for that, Sarah. We're here for a bit this time so a better chance of getting on the water. Looking forward to that. :) Warm wishes. Duncan.

  6. Good to see you are back up again. I was wondering if you had lost the touch. Looks so peaceful and in short sleeves at that. Yes, like L you took all that gear over this time, you better get it wet. We're still enjoying lovely sunshine. What a wonderful winter we are having. Take care both of you. J.

  7. Hi Judith, thank you so much for your note. It was, indeed, a peaceful day in a lovely place. Sunshine here too, the crocus and the daffodils are everywhere and buds are appearing. The drysuits are content to patiently wait - to everything there is a season. And there will be a season. Warm wishes to you and Peter. Duncan.

  8. Enjoy the change of pace!

  9. Thanks for that, Lee. It's good to be back here and with a bit of luck - and a wee break at some point - we'll get on the water. Warm wishes to you. Duncan.