Saturday, July 05, 2014

Before it's your favourite place, it's a place you've never been.

Leaving Arisaig, the Island of Eigg across the still waters.
A friend from Vancouver Island just sent me those words from a very beautiful poster. She must have known. 

First stop, an idyllic beach, and a perfect cup of coffee.
They help to frame two marvellous days with Joan and Ian on the water near Arisaig, on Scotland's west coast.

Sharing the sand - and the view.
"Before it's your favourite place, 
it's a place you've never been." 

Our very mellow friends were, after all, here first.
These words speak of a deep truth that often becomes evident when one ventures out, away from the familiar.  

There are precious rewards when we invite and welcome new experiences into our lives.

Many nautical miles to go.
But sometimes we fear the "unknown", for there may be risk, yet that is the very context of "discovery".

Surface colours. (Image courtesy of Ian at Mountain and Sea Scotland)
When we meet someone for the very first time, in that moment of discovery, they are a "stranger".

Time out for a short climb.
But that is where every deep and meaning-filled connection with one another begins.

Through the bracken.
It is only then that there is the possibility of a relationship that will deepen and flourish and endure forever.

A little "rope work"...
But that discovery had to be the context of the unknown. a special place.
Venturing out to some unknown place invites a precious reward...

And what a view.
...a discovery of a new favourite place. 

Lunch...or was that 2nd lunch? :)
This, of course, makes the "unknown" very appealing!

Return to the launch site...with a new "favourite place". 
(Image courtesy of Mountain and Sea Scotland)
Imagine the wonder it's so hard to stay home! :)

For another look at two fine days on the water near Arisaig, "paddle" over to Ian's blog, Mountain and Sea Scotland.


  1. Discovering a favourite place is always special and I guess now that I am thousands of miles and dollars away from my favourite place I'll have to venture out onto the unknown local trails and explore until I find a new favourite place...the possibilities are endless!

  2. Ah yes, and that's the wonderful thing, L. Out of each of our doors, wherever we live, there are countless possibilities. And the ones nearby are often much easier on the pocketbook! Thank you for the thought...and happy hiking. :) D.

  3. Hi D & J,

    I think that was second luncheon.... :-) It was a great couple of days with Scotland at her smiling best - here's to the next "favourite place" !

    Warm wishes

  4. And she seems to smile through the mists, even on a "dreich" day. :) Many thanks, Ian. Best wishes to you both. Duncan.