Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Queen's Baton...and the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Mike and the family.
We simply can't let the fact pass that cousin and good friend, "MG" Mike, is one of the Batonbearers for the upcoming Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games. Mike is among the thousands of runners who were appointed to carry the baton and his nomination reflects the difference he has made through volunteering and community support.

The Queen's Baton Relay was launched on October 9th, 2013, at Buckingham Palace. At that time, the Queen placed a message in the baton. Since then, it has travelled from Glasgow, over 190,000 kilometres, through 71 nations and territories before arriving back here in Scotland on June 14th. After criss-crossing this country - 40 days in 400 communities - the final batonbearer will hand the baton back to Her Majesty on the 23rd and she will read her message, proclaiming the Glasgow Commonwealth Games open.

Bravo Mike!

And, oh yes, Glasgow is my "hometown", so it's also just a little extra special to be here this "Year of Homecoming". :)


  1. Awesome! Such a special man doing something so very special! Great that the family were able to be there!

  2. Congratulations Mike! What an amazing feeling that must be :o)

    Kind regards

  3. Hi L and Ian, thanks so much guys. Comments are passed on to Mike. It really must have been an amazing experience. Warm wishes, Duncan.

  4. Hi Duncan and Joan
    Please give Ian and L a big thank you for their comments on your blog. It was a great honour and privilege to have been nominated by Breakthrough Breast Cancer to be part of the Queens Baton Relay team.

    What a beautiful day I hope those kayaks have been on the water.

    MG Mike

    1. Hi Mike, folks will see your "thank you" right here. Once again, well done! The kayaks back on the water? Soon, very soon. :) We'll be in touch shortly. Duncan.