Sunday, March 22, 2015

All who wander are not lost...we just like the wind in our faces.

Sometimes, the sea just leaps for joy.
After the somewhat intimidating swell of Wednesday subsided, the North Sea calmed and allowed a very fine day on the water. Joan's birthday is coming up and so it was a good excuse to go into the city to the Dundee Repertory Theatre to listen to one of our favourite singers, Perthshire's Dougie MacLean.

Dougie opened his first set with "All who wander". It's a lovely song. So many of his compositions, reflect the natural world...the hills, the forests, the sea. My vocation has been my life, in many ways, but it has permitted us to "wander" and discover many beautiful places on this planet...there have been many hills, forests, and seas over the years.

Some bright red flotsam.
We have been blessed to serve in a tiny Newfoundland outport, two National Parks in the Canadian Rockies, military bases in northern Alberta, another by the Black Forest in Germany, and yet another in Québec, just north of historic Québec City. And then there were eleven years in Calgary and ten years on beautiful Vancouver Island, the place we call "permanent" home. Having lived and worked in two languages, five provinces, and three countries...we can affirm that there are wonderful folks everywhere.

In some ways, we've been wanderers together, these past forty years...but we've never been lost.

Joan securing hatch covers...and then I came along and removed one.
It's a story for another time. Sheesh!
We've just liked the wind in our faces. 

The helmet MUST match the kayak...
"Home", for the time being, is in Scotland, my birthplace...and the fresh wind continues to blow, and bring new challenges.

...or at least as close as you can get. ;)
The different "shores" offer new's a perk that comes with wanderlust.

Riding on a "sliver" of a boat.
In life, admittedly, there are crests and troughs...

Passing the end of the cliffs before Arbroath's Victoria Park.
 but there's never been a moment of regret.

Easy rider.
There's been a regular requirement for a chart and compass, but we've never felt lost.

Home again.
The wind in our faces has made it all worthwhile.

It was a good day to be on the water...and there's another coming soon. :)


  1. Love the matching helmets! :o)

  2. Haha! Thanks Douglas. They've been waiting for a "baptism" for months now. The day came. I felt I looked rather dashing in the red helmet / kayak combo. ;) Warm wishes and hoping you can make the paddle. Duncan.

  3. But if that's the case, haven't you switched your dry suits? ;-)
    Nice pic's and reading as usual!

  4. Leif, I hadn't thought of that, what an excellent idea! Red, from top to boat! I will discuss this possibility with Joan. Haha! Great to hear from you and warm wishes. Duncan.