Thursday, April 23, 2015

Back home for a holiday...and to a super "natural" Island world.

From out of the sunshine, a soft rain began to fall and a magical rainbow formed, right before our eyes.

As quickly as the mists had come in, the skies cleared, the rainbow vanished...Maple Bay and, across the Sansum Narrows, Saltspring Island appeared. It was very special.

We were back home again, after a second six months away in another super "natural" and ancient land, the place of my birth...Scotland.

Sometimes you have to go away, to see most clearly, the beauty of your own Island home.

This is the first posting since's a bit overdue. You see, we opted for a wifi connection turned way "down" (for budget-related reasons). It had sufficient "juice" to check email...but very little else. Bravely, we tried to tough it out. We finally asked a friend if we could have access to her connection and, well, the memories of instant connection came flooding back. A short time later, so did our own wifi. ;)

So, back on Vancouver Island for a holiday (and the pleasant avocation of blogging), here's a small taste of the past couple of weeks.

A visit to Gabriola Island brought back many memories of the little cabin looking across the Salish Sea to the British Columbia Coastal Mountains.

There has been very special family time...

...and some new pals.

One gave us the "eagle" eye!

Another, at the nearby Raptors Centre, provided an opportunity for a lesson in "falconry" - with a hawk!

Launching the kayaks, just five minutes from home, "rocks"!

The Gulf Islands' coastline is primordial.

The narrow boats were, of course, very happy to be out exploring again.

With every morning launch, comes mid-day lunch.

The trees grow pretty big around here...a "cracking" place to meet up with a special friend.

Wooden pathways lead to remote beaches.

Roots? Yes. They make fine listeners to Joan's "atmospheric" tunes.

From Long Beach, it might be possible to see all the way across the Pacific Ocean...well, if the earth wasn't so round!

Driftwood and runaway logs, some tossed high onto the rocks, line the western Island shores.

The late April waves release their storm-created energy...dreamlike.

The western sun sets, behind our Island home...and stirs the heart, mind, and soul.

Sometimes one has to go away, and come home again, to see and comprehend the beauty of a world so familiar. For the time being, we are home, we will breathe it all in...deeply.

It's all, truly, super "natural".


  1. It really is an amazing beautiful island with so many ways to experience nature at it's finest, from rainbows to sunsets! You must really wish you could spend more time there. Maybe someday. ;))

  2. Thank you for that, L. Yes, it is good to be home's everything you said it would be. We'll certainly give it some consideration. Hehe! ;))) Warm wishes. D.

  3. Just beautiful Duncan, you're right - there are lots of similarities between your two homes :o)

    Warm wishes

  4. Hi Ian, great to connect. Really enjoyed catching up on your series of postings. Thank you and warm wishes. Duncan.

  5. Good to see that you are back up to speed with the blog,I had missed your words and photos. In fact I thought you had used a couple of Scottish photos particularly the last one. Nice that Jeff has managed over to see you both and also your special friend Linda.
    Just to let you know that we have had a glorious spell of weather over this last week (Blue Sky Scotland) as usual.

  6. Hi Mike, nice to have you back too! Blue Sky Scotland, eh? Ah, no surprise there! ;) It's been really nice here too. Pretty much driving on the "right" side of the road again...well mostly. Haha! Warm wishes from us both. Duncan.

  7. Magnificent day Duncan. Many happy returns!! :o)

  8. Thanks for that, Douglas, every "return" brings fresh adventures...always a subject of happy contemplation. :) Warm wishes. Duncan.

  9. Glad to have you guys back online! Wonderful shots as per the norm. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Lee, great to hear from you. We've been a bit "disconnected" and slowly catching up with everyone's adventures! About to launch. :) Warm wishes from us both. Duncan.