Sunday, November 08, 2015

The mountains shall bring peace...

The Three Sisters, Canmore
An ancient sage, the Psalmist, once wrote, "the mountains shall bring peace to the people". I've always found that to be true.

Today, we made a quick trip to the Rocky Mountain town of Canmore. Canmore is just outside Banff National Park, and about 100 kilometres west of Calgary. The elevation of the town centre sits at 1309 metres (4296 Feet). The surrounding mountains reach heights of 2936 metres (9,633 feet).

We had a home there fifteen years ago. We've hiked and skied many of the trails over the years. We've stood on the highest point of a couple of the mountains, one of which was Ha Ling Peak, on the far right on the image below. My mum and dad, who introduced me to self-propelled sports and the need to spend time "outside", are buried there. 

It's a very special place. 

Being there today, "visiting" with my parents, brought peace.

Mount Lawrence Grassi, and Ha Ling Peak (r)
Thank you, mum and dad, for teaching us about the peace that can be found in the mountains (and on the sea)...long before we read the words of the ancient sage.


  1. Such beautiful mountains! You're so blessed to have been able to live there and reach those peaks! Just looking at them brings a sense of peace, something we all need so much more of.
    Blessings, Linda

  2. Thank you, Linda. Yes, we all yearn for peace within, as well as amongst all who share together this fragile, island planet. The mountains have always deeply inspired we human beings...they are simply marvelous. Warm wishes from us.

  3. That's a beautiful place in which to find peace Duncan, and such an appropriate place for your parents to be.....

    Warm wishes

  4. Thank you, Ian, it is...

    Warm wishes to you.

  5. Hi Duncan and Joan, welcome back to the Rockies. I imagine we have a little more snow than "Canada's Pacific Island". And there's lots more to come, we hope! Yay! :>) Cheers. Gen.

    1. Hi Gen, it was wonderful to see the "rocks" I said it's a special place and there are so many fond memories over many years. Great to hear from you. Warm wishes. Duncan.