Monday, December 28, 2015

From sea to sky and back...

Pat, Linda, and Joan...near the summit of Mt. Tzouhalem.
I tend to go on a bit about Base Camp 2 (Scotland) and sometimes it probably seems I don't sufficiently appreciate Base Camp 1 (Vancouver Island). But I really do appreciate both.

And here's the thing. Here on south VI, we live in a land of sea and mountains - and Mediterranean climate. Five minutes from home, twelve months of the year, we can hike in the morning (sometimes in snow), and sea kayak in the afternoon. Some folks even choose to golf, for heaven's sake! My cousin, MG Mike, may have a comment on that. ;)

Today, we didn't paddle, but we did hike. Linda, Pat, Joan, and myself headed up our next-door mountain. At the trailhead, it was relatively balmy, with a light rain falling. An hour later, we were at the top of Mt. Tzouhalem, in quintessential winter conditions.

Returning to the trailhead, we were back to a world of "green", punctuated by lovely, orange, arbutus trees.

Pat, Joan, and myself near the trailhead. (Photo courtesy of Linda)
Base Camp 1 is, indeed, very special.

It was a great day, with special hiking pals. :)


  1. Was a wonderful hike and the snow totally beautified the mountain and brought with it a sense of stillness and peace. I think both Base Camps are pretty cool and each have their special gifts to offer us.
    Thanks for a great day!

    1. It was fun, indeed, to hike through a couple of climate zones so close to home. :) Yes, everywhere in this world offers a special gift of uniqueness. So glad we shared the experience, L. Thank you for the comment and warm wishes to you.

  2. Great to see you all enjoying the great outdoors with the changing conditions. Don't remember you telling me that VI had a golf course, I might need to check that one out!.

    Best wishes to you both in 2016.

    1. Hi Mike, it's so much like Scotland where "changing weather" can be the constant. Yes, there are a "few" golf courses here and it would be wonderful if you came back over to check them out. Warm wishes for the New Year, and see you soon in blue sky Caledonia. :)