Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Time well spent, in a peaceful December forest...

Joan and Linda and I went for a long walk in a peaceful forest, on Salt Spring Island. We found some marvellous trails, and took time to linger...long enough to find a few geocaches along the way. Whether it's in the hills, or in the mountains, or in a quiet, December forest, the simple act of being outside is always such a "tonic".

As a young boy, I would frequently take long walks with my father. He loved the outdoors and was comfortable and at home in both the deep woods and on the water. He had gone to sea as a young man, before settling into his career. It seemed he'd been everywhere. And everywhere he went, he loved to explore the outdoors.

It didn't matter if it was raining or snowing or if the wind was blowing fiercely, we would go out. He and my mother would gently advise, "Wrap yourself up." Today, we call that "layering", and off we'd go. I was always glad that we did - once we got out.

Dad seemed to know the name of every tree and plant. He would tell me about the sun and the moon and the stars, pointing out the constellations in the night sky. He was fascinated by every aspect of nature and had so many reflections to share. There were countless stories, and with every story came a lesson. (I wish I had been a much better listener.) It was always a "tonic", to be outside with him.

A tonic is something that invigorates, refreshes, restores - makes you feel "alive" and vibrant. Tonics come from many sources. Sufficient sleep works. 
Good nutritious food serves as a tonic. 

A change in routine...getting away, discovering and learning new things, pushing comfort levels...these things refresh and invigorate. And there's probably nothing more natural, and more effective a tonic, as simply being outside in nature...whether it's on land or on the water.

Image, courtesy of Linda.
And when you get to the seashore, at the end of the trail...

...there's a tangible "glow". :)

It was time well spent, in a peaceful December forest, not very far at all from Base Camp 1.


  1. It was a wonderful way to find respite from the usual routine and such a quiet peaceful forest. Thank you Duncan and Joan for a great tasty tonic!
    Blessing To you both, Linda

    1. I need to listen to you more often about the wonders of "forest and trees"...the venue is really quite magical. The kayaks will just have to take their turn. ;) We'll get out there in the woods again...soon. Many thanks and warm wishes.

  2. It's tough making choices Duncan - paddling or forest walking....forest walking or paddling... folk just don't realise how difficult these decisions can be!


    1. Ian, you're absolutely correct. And someone could get grumpy about staying home...either the boots, or the boats! Ah, the fact is, they are always happy for one another. ;) Warm wishes to you.