Monday, February 22, 2016

Making "friends" with life's mindful moments...

Just "being" Gabriola Island, with a soft focus towards Howe Sound.
There are so many occasions on the water when the beauty and magnificence of this planet become almost overwhelming. Joan captured one such instant in time, in the image above. As I relinquished control, the sea kayak's forward momentum slowed in response to wind and water. Body, mind and spirit were massaged by each passing wave. Spellbound, I did not want to let go of the moment. The west coast of Canada is stunning...and all too often, I have been too busy, even paddling, to notice.

This time, I embraced the moment, and didn't let go...not for a very long time.

There are very special people in our lives, some we have known a very long time, and some not so very long at all. All were once strangers, and yet each has become so precious. We are so thankful for each and every one. How are such relationships built? 

The answer is that we spent time together, patiently learning about one another, developing and nurturing a growing relationship together. There were, and continue to be, times of listening...and times of sharing. We embraced one another as fellow travellers on life's pathways, sharing both joys and times of sadness, successes and failures, hopes and dreams. We grew to understand one another...forgiving, caring, loving. The secret to all of it? We were present and attentive to one another...and continue to be. 

I think of time, and how it passes so quickly and how easy it is to barely make an acquaintance with each passing moment. Hours, and days, weeks, even years can pass...and through busyness and distraction, we can somehow miss them. Yet, they are here but once, never to return again.

I am slowly learning to value each moment, to be present and attentive, in part through daily meditation and intentional mindfulness. It is the process of simply befriending each moment, giving value and meaning to each moment.

Embracing each moment, engaged in the here and now, brings clarity, peacefulness, and reason for gratitude in life.

That very special time on the water, just off Gabriola Island, was a lovely reminder to pause our "paddling", or whatever busyness consumes our time, just for a little while each and every day. We need to simply be...present and attentive. It's the very best way to make "friends" with each of life's passing moments.


  1. Time is very precious and so are the friendships that have grown over time with love and care.There's nothing more important than spending time with people and making connections. Time does go by so very quickly and our fast paced society has us all filling our lives with busyness. I'm so glad that you've found the practise of meditation and its allowing you to take time to just be in the moment and embrace it.

  2. Thank you for that, Linda. Over the years, I have very slowly (too slowly) come to realize that it is in "making friends with each present moment", that we create the spaciousness in our minds for the thoughts that really matter. For too many, it is the lesser travelled path in our busy society...but it makes all the difference. Warm wishes to you.