Thursday, June 09, 2016

When pals inspire pals...

Paddling past the ruins of Findlater Castle.
Gumption  [guhmp-shuh n]
Courage, confidence, spunk, guts, initiative

With recent blue skies and fine weather, there have been so many adventures...and so little time to share them in posts. Here's a few more pics of a perfect day on the Moray Firth with Joan, Linda, and Ian, who put together the perfect "paddling plan".

Our pal, Linda, from Canada, has a great attitude towards trying new things. So...a little rock hopping, cave exploring, surf landing and launching on the North Sea - all for the first time, and all in the same day - didn't even cause her to blink. That's gumption.

Gumption is good, and is to be celebrated. 

Ian shares a wealth of experience.
Life is lived most fully when it's lived with gumption.

Hey, let's do it again. :)
It minimises, even eliminates, regrets.

Rest, reflection and a wee bit of lunch...before we go again.
It creates and maximizes layer upon layer of beautiful memories.

The boats are ready and waiting...the waves are building.
Gumption leaves no door unopened. It's a thankful and appreciative approach to, after all, begs to be explored and discovered.

The paddlers strike a pose. :)
The failures along the way don't much matter, they are simply steps along the journey...and every step counts.

Launch from Sunnyside Beach.
Gumption's rewards are portals to growth, and brave new experiences.

Rare calm through the Bow Fiddle.
At the end of the day, gumption assures a warm glow...and personal enrichment.

Paddling into Cullen...after an amazing day.
Awesome day, L, thanks for the reminder....and the inspiration. 


  1. It was a day full of fun and exploring and some laughs. I appreciate your comment on failures being "steps" along the this case it was more of a crash landing followed by a dunk in the sea! The memory is still bringing a smile to my face ;)
    Thanks D, J and Ian for a fantastic day!

  2. It was, indeed, Linda, a great day. Your laughter, following the "landing" brought smiles to all of our faces. My subsequent launch, however, didn't make ME laugh much. I was too busy making excuses! ;) Warm wishes from us both.