Monday, February 26, 2018

Calming places...

“Calming places” are wonderful for body, mind, and spirit. They are, perhaps, what the ancient Celts called “thin places”, a special setting that enchants and inspires, calms and stirs, grounds and strengthens…all at the same time. 

They are places where one breathes deeply, and exhales fully - without any effort at all. They feel like repositories of a past wisdom, a wisdom that can be somehow absorbed by the willing soul, in the present moment. In such places, there a reconnection to self, and to the universe.

The gentle forest walk, amidst the hazel, rowan, ash, and birch trees, to the abandoned village of Leitir Fura, on Skye’s Sleat peninsula, is a calming place. Three hundred years ago, about forty of the “keepers of the forest” lived here. 
By 1790 the community was abandoned, only crumbling walls remain. 

Ancient memories, however, still dance amongst the stones, the trees, and the grasses, in tune with the ever-present birdsong.

Having missed taking Joan out for lunch on Valentine’s Day, I made up for it with the requisite can of beans (much enjoyed (and a bargain at only 79p!), a sandwich, and a steaming hot cup of salted caramel coffee. 

The views across the Sound of Sleat over to the Scottish mainland, and towering Beinn Sgritheall made for the perfect dining venue. 


  1. Hi Duncan & Joan, I enjoyed the historic story and the views on Skye were great. Good to see that your Glaswegian roots are still obvious when it comes to finer dining selections. Make sure you get all the "Thin Places" which you have encountered in Scotland in that "BOOK".

    1. Ah Mike, I appreciate your continued encouragement and faith. Bless you. Yes, I thought the beans were a good deal until a Canadian friend (who is very knowledgeable about such things) suggested I paid far too much! Go figure, eh? Haha! Warm wishes, and thank you.

  2. Looks like a large day!

  3. So nice to hear from you Lee. Been a long time. Currently in Amsterdam, on way home. I’ll be in touch.