Thursday, May 07, 2009

Gentle moments...

After many hours of energetic paddling, it's essential to pause - not just to rest weary arms and shoulders - but to reflect on where it is that you are. And not just in terms of where you are on the surface of this fragile sphere racing through space, but where you are in life...and where you are going...and how you can enrich the journeys of others with whom we share this island planet.

That pause, that moment of time well spent.

(Above image was taken on the water near Egmont, BC - another magnificent paddling venue!)


  1. Well said....questions we all need to take the time to ask ourselves.....where am I going I find most difficult because it is like being out on the ocean, there is no designated path to follow, you have to create your own "map".
    Enriching the lives of others is so important. One must ask what gifts have I been blessed with that I can share with others. Mostly I feel lacking in this area but I must say it has improved as I "grow" in my faith. I shall have us all reflect on this over lunch today...sorry you will be missing those wonderful mushrooms...maybe I will save you one!

  2. You're so right - on the ocean, there are no clearly discerned "paths" like in the forest. But there are buoys, currents, weather, lighthouses etc that "nudge" us along as we make the choices with regards to the "direction" we take. I guess it is to all those subtle "markers" in life that we must attune ourselves. I hope you saved me some mushrooms!

  3. You do seem to be enjoying your time off. Coward that I am, I have to ask the question, is it safe to be out on the water alone in that little craft of yours or is your significant other also out in the other craft? Continue your explorations, rest and enjoyment.

  4. My "significant other" usually likes to be there - and I'm glad she does! I'd say better to paddle with a partner. The ocean is a great teacher...but not very forgiving of misreading its "mood"!