Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The HMKTV - the kayaker's "dream" support vehicle!

OK, so we get the occasional ribbing about our vintage '93 HMKTV ("HIGH MOBILITY KAYAK TRANSPORT VEHICLE"). The black and white image above is a rare photograph of this versatile and field-ready vehicle - in action! Just for fun and for the illucidation of certain folks, here's some facts that are guaranteed to impress!

The HMKTV is a highly mobile four-wheel-drive vehicle that can be configured for various outdoor pursuits. Capable of carrying two paddlers, two full size sea kayaks and all associated gear (with room to spare!) this vehicle is virtually impossible to beat for accessing difficult and remote paddling venues!

The small diameter 175/70SR13.0 all terrain tires leave virtually no "footprint" and little evidence of the vehicle ever having traversed back country roads and remote launch ramps. The 4-wheel drive system, most helpful when you are on the beach and have failed to notice that the tide has come up, is enabled by a button located on the transmission shifter. The fuel efficient 90-hp, 1.8-liter OHC engine powers the HMKTV at acceptable highway speeds with the standard 5-speed manual transmission assisting on significant grades.

The base model HMKTV also supports various carrying and load configurations for other self-propelled outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, with the addition of a rear mounted carrying system. This vehicle, is air transportable and droppable from a variety of aircraft types, although the cost would be prohibitive for most owners. Ours, for example, has never been air-dropped.

Options on higher end models include duct tape to cover small rust spots associated with frequent contact with coastal air and salt water dripping from recently loaded kayaks. This accessory also discourages car thieves and provides a degree of "camouflage" in high risk and isolated parking areas. Our own HMKTV also features after-market tinted glass, giving the vehicle a sophisticated and upscale appearance.

The HMKTV, widely recognized by many as the legendary Subaru Loyale, also carries the designation QGV ("Quintessential Guide Vehicle") and is frequently seen driven by rugged alpine mountain and sea kayaking guides in many countries.

The HMKTV is most assuredly a "head turner" and receives admiring glances on the highway, the launch site, as well as in the urban environment! It's one tough vehicle - a paddler's "dream" support vehicle! As they (could) say in the advertising, "It gets you to the water...and back home again!"

Yes, it's one classy, stylish, reliable, and tough little car for any outdoor enthusiast! For us...it's the kayaker's "dream" support vehicle!


  1. Oh my and you have 8 more weeks to go! haha Very cute and yes it really is a gem of a car.
    Actually this is keeping me well entertained so keep up the writing.

  2. So, what you're saying is that this could be a very long 8 weeks for my loyal reader...or that I must have too much time on my hands? Haha!

  3. The impact of this posting is astonishing. You have found just the right language -- along with a little bit of humour -- to express the true meaning of one of those "little" (or not so little, as in this case) things that makes a meaningful life possible. Well done.

    I sense another blog coming about the finely tuned human body that powers the kayak that this HMKTV so ably (and proudly) carries.