Saturday, June 26, 2010

An adrenaline rush...hey, it's our first!

It's our first! Oh no, I'm not talking about children, it's our first tomato! Yes, our very first tomato! It may not seem like that big a deal but if you had any idea how hard we've tried to grow tomatoes since moving to the Island, you'd completely understand our excitement when we made this discovery. To be honest, we had almost given up. But when a friend suggested we try an "upside down" tomato plant, on our above ground deck, we knew we needed to give it at least one more chance.

Here's some background. On and off, over the past seven years, we've tried to grow this herbaceous "fruit", one of our favourites and an item that is frequently enjoyed around here. Trouble is, we have "neighbours". And they've been, um, a bit of a problem. They have consistently eaten everything we've ever tried to grow.  Please don't misunderstand, we love these neighbours, each and every one. We wish them no ill will and, further, acknowledge that they were here long before we arrived on our one acre of island forest. I should add that they seem very comfortable with us. Very comfortable. They do not share, however, and have made this clear over the years, our "live and let live attitude" when it comes to our (attempted) garden. It would seem that what belongs to them, belongs to them. What (we feel) belongs to us, seems to belong to them as well. OK, so for the most part it's kind of cute but when it comes to our little tomato plants, I guess I was beginning to take it a little personally. The "neighbours" I'm referring to, of course, are the local deer, rabbits, racoons, bears, giant slugs...and yeah, you really have to love 'em all.

Anyway, when it was suggested that we try an upside-down garden, on our deck (one full floor above the ground!), we thought we might just have a chance at it. I will acknowledge here the expert nurture given to this plant, in a greenhouse, by a gardener extraordinaire, before it came into our actual possession. (Thank you J.) After several weeks of our careful watering and turning the plant daily to ensure equal sunshine was received by all four "quadrants", you can imagine our delight (heck, it was an adrenaline rush!) when we discovered, upon returning from the office late this afternoon, the first "fruit" of our labours. Yup, it's pretty darn exciting!

So today, sea kayaking, minimalist trail running, and other such topics of serious reflection must take a "back seat" to this most wondrous development - the first evidence of perhaps dozens of juicy, ripe, home-grown tomatoes later this summer.

Oh yes, no worries, I'll keep you posted!


PS Only seven more "sleeps" until Barefoot Ted's Luna minimalist Huarache running sandals get shipped.


  1. Waitng with anticipation for you to demo your new running gear!

  2. I must really go and check out my tomatoes now. How are the strawberries - picked any as yet? I have been picking off and on. Remember you got the first 2. The taste is so different from store bought ones.

  3. Hey Anon and J,

    You bet, watch for the Luna's - comin' soon! Strawberries will be a little while but we harvest the parsley daily! Love parsley!