Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This eagle kept his head down!

The trail run on Gabriola Island today, took us on a favourite 9.7 kilometre route that winds amidst soaring old-growth trees, through a deep forest of lush ferns, over stepping stones that traverse a cool, running creek, along a winding single-track above the rocky sea shore and onto the sandy beach where we took a short break to snack on some dates and almonds. Out in the Strait of Georgia (The Salish Sea), a Canadian Forces Maritime Command patrol frigate cruised, at high speed, past a British Columbia Ferry. The eagle in the foreground kept his head down. Think he was in some kind of trouble with the Navy? Hmm...

Your guess is as good as mine.



  1. The Eagle sure looks as if he was hiding, not wanting to be recognized.

  2. Hi
    Like your new layout and space....glad you were brave enough to try again without the fear of losing it all!
    As for the Eagle ...he looks like I feel when the Dove has errors...hiding from the flock!

  3. Thanks folks, thought it was time to try a new format and template...still subject to change,, of course. Smile! Yeah, we watched the eagle for the longest time and he or she really did seem to be trying to keep a low profile. I suspect the focus was on dinner! D.

  4. Ahh, you sprang for one of the new templates, eh? Love the background. I tried a couple but couldn't make my picture and/or words work. Fun to try though...if not addictive!!!