Sunday, June 20, 2010

"OP Sunset"...complete, and in the moment.

Several days ago, Lee, over at A whole bunch of Ing's, wrote of the importance of mindfulness, taking in fully the moment in which we are presently living. He also had a very intriguing idea: On this Saturday night, June 19, we were all invited to "take a pic of the bow of your boat and the sunset". We were then to forward it to Lee for inclusion, on his Sunday posting.

Well, I have to say that as much as we wanted to participate in this exercise, neither Joan nor I thought we'd be able to get out on the water. Today had been an incredibly busy day and tomorrow, Sunday, things will accelerate. That's just life in "our part of the woods". Lee's challenge, however, was waay too tempting to resist so, at the risk of not being fully prepared for what I have to do tomorrow (gulp), we launched at 2000 hours from Maple Bay on Vancouver Island and headed across the channel to Saltspring Island where we would be best poised to take a pic of the sunset. "Operation Sunset" had officially begun - the two paddlers from OCEANPAX were ready. Two hours later, and several kilometres to the northwest, we watched (and took pictures) of a magnificent setting sun over Maple Mountain.

Heading back in the darkness (with stern deck-mounted C-Lights marking our presence), a brisk wind came up and made for a fun ride! We're home now. The kayaks are back on the indoor racks, the wave-soaked gear is drying, and the clock is approaching midnight. Yup, better keep this short, post these few words, send a pic along to Lee, and get a few hours sleep...and hope I don't appear too unprepared tomorrow. We did, however, pause for a few hours and spend some quality time on the water - each individual moment, celebrated and savoured.

Cheers all,

Duncan and Joan.


  1. Sounds & looks like a wonderful evening....glad you were both able to escape the business of life and get out on the water!
    Beautiful pics.

  2. Hi, Duncan and Joan,

    Your photo is beautiful and, I'm sure was well worth your time. Whatever didn't get done by your taking the time to help a friend, and feed your souls at the same time will have been found to take care of itself.

    We worry too much and seek peace too little. I'm glad you made the choice to seek your soul's happiness.

  3. Great pictures! Great motivation!

  4. I wonder if you were MORE prepared for sunday!!

    I gotta say my wife pointed it out to me that it appears your kayaks are cuddling! I see it!

    Thank you guys soooo much for taking part.I hope it was a great moment!

  5. Thanks L, you would have loved the experience. How fortunate you are to have grown up amidst this natural beauty.

    You are right, Sandra, if we feed our souls and spirits, everything else pretty much takes care of itself.

    Thank for stopping by, Andy, we have a lot of paddling to do and catch up on. Looks like we'll have a good opportunity to do that in the coming months! J and I are looking forward to it!

    It was a lot of fun, Lee, you gave us a good excuse to do what we should all do more often. Yeah, the Solstice GT and the GTS did look pretty comfortable together in the sunset!

  6. What a wonderful way to experience the "Sunset" and you did such a marvellous job on Sunday telling us all about it. I think being out there on the water where one can do a lot of thinking, had you more prepared than you thought you were. Being on the water is such an experience, I wish more people had the ability to enjoy it.

  7. Ahh, that's reassuring, thanks J. I'm sure you find the same kind of inspiration amongst the flowers and in the greenhouse. Time slows down in all these places and spaces.