Saturday, August 06, 2011

Self-propelled activities...and their gift of "balance".

 Yesterday evening and the last sun on Erskine Point, Saltspring Island.
In the evening, as the sun is setting behind the forested coastal mountains of Vancouver Island, the sea is often very calm. Paddling is easy. The mind is free to wander, to ponder, to drift. Very little attention is required to propel the kayak forward. You find yourself on "autopilot". You can get a lot of thinking done.

Earlier, however, the winds were brisk and the ride bumpy. It was exhilarating. The mind needed to focus a little more on maintaining balance - the kayak does occasionally like to go its own way. As following waves build and the distances between crests increase, the little boat likes to surf...some attention is required. Ah, but the release of adrenaline feels good and enhances the necessary focus.

Calm or "bumpy", it's all good.

We do, after all, need balance in life. We need times to simply "chill", to freewheel, to let go. These are fallow times, opportunities to take a deep breath and feel the restorative powers available to a body at (relative) rest. We also, however, need experiences that test us, that build stamina and endurance...that sharpen focus. These times challenge us and make us stronger, and more flexible.

That's why I think self-propelled physical activities are just about the best medicine of all - just by their very nature, they give balance to our often chaotic and topsy-turvy lives. And balance nurtures harmony. Besides, self-propelled activities are health-enhancing. Hard to see the down side of any of that.

So, once again, here's to movement. :)



  1. Hey Duncan...and you don't even leave a "footprint" on this beautiful planet. Well, not one that does any harm anyway. :-) BfJJ

  2. Looks like it was a beautiful evening out on the water. Too bad I wasn't able to join you LOL
    Keep enjoying your holidays!!

  3. Hey BfJJ, you've got a fine looking footprint that you can leave anywhere! Haha! Always good to hear from you.

    It was a beautiful evening, L, and you should just make plans to join us! You know you'd be welcome. :) D.

  4. So that is what balance is all about. I must try harder then to balance on one foot for 1 minute at a time to see if I can nurture some harmony. Glad you are enjoying yourselves on the water as usual. Continue to enjoy your well earned time off.

  5. when I finally decide I hate money and working (which isnt far off) im gonna start walking west. What a beautiful place!! Duncan have you ever tried lying back onto your deck while floating along? pure awesomeness

  6. Yeah, I've been trying the "balance on one foot" thing, J. It was OK but 'm not sure I felt a lot of harmony? Hmm...

    Hi Lee, now that's crazy. I've just been thinking the same thing this past while! Except I'd be heading east. I'd love to paddle in your Atlantic waters. At the very least, it sounds like a potential "island to island" house exchange sometime? 'Course I can just call it retirement and make it a long term project! :) D.