Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A work in progress...and the challenges of practising what you preach: A confession.

A moment I might have forgotten...but for the camera.
I'm forever counselling, advising, sometimes even (and this is pure pecksniffery), admonishing people to live in the moment. All I'm really trying to say is that we need to be present and not let the moment or the experience slip away because of any of life's many distractions.

It's all about situation awareness - life's too short not to have it. And life can be really short if you don't have it. I learned that during my time in the army.

There's more though. We need to be aware of and appreciate each moment and each situation, no matter what - and that means making an effort.

Sometimes, I seem to forget all this. Which is why sometimes my admonishing others is a lot of pecksniffery! There are blunter terms that I have decided I shouldn't use. :)

That's when it's good to have a camera record the images we sometimes miss. They serve as a timely and necessary "wake up call".

Indeed, I guess some of us are "a work in progress"...sigh.

Working on it,



  1. I too am a work in progress...only in a much larger font (BIG BOLD AND HIGHLIGHTED) than you posted here. LOL
    Appreciation is so important...something for us all to work on.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I agree 100%. Life's too short not to be aware of our surroundings and situations. We are all a work in progress, or else we may as well be dead.

  3. You sent me back to the dictionary this time! A work in progress? Ah, let me think...yes. It does beat the alternative! Gen.

  4. Hi guys, sometimes we are too busy looking, to ‘see’ the things that are important which nourish the soul.
    David A.

  5. Hi Anon, I think that makes us a team - The WIP Team. I'll bet there's a HUGE membership out there! Can't wait to collect the dues!

    Hey J, well, that just about sums it up. But could you be a little more direct next time? Haha!

    Hi Gen, yeah I think J (above) was correctly referring to the "alternative" - a good point. I think we'd all rather be a work in progress!

    Great to hear from you, David. We're still feeling the "afterglow" of spending time in your marvellous country - next time, some kayaking for sure! You are so right, if we would just stop looking, we might just start "seeing".

    Thanks, all, for stopping by. D.